Festival der Künste Westhofen

Tuning real-time motion responses to the footsteps resonating inside the cellar hall, we linked the audio reactive disruptions and transformations to that sole sound source in a proportional way

Team Hyperpainting was invited to present its artwork in the vaulted cellar of historic Gut Leben am Morstein villa. An audio reactive animation of multiple interacting and evolving objects was based around a WebGL real-time rendering technique.

Westhofen is a municipality of the Rheinhessen region. It is famous for its wines that are produced since Carolingian times. A local initiative founded Festival der Künste Westhofen to bring attention to the heritage of the region.

Browser context proved itself suitable for long-time installations one more time: the work was accessible over one week and operated flawlessly. Dual projector setup was utilized to create a 180° picture inside the elongated cellar room.

For more information about the upcoming Festival der Künste 2021 please consult Tourism Office Wonnegau. Photo documentation of this event is provided by the courtesy of Berno Peil.