HYPERPAINTING: Fluke Helix @Window_404

Opening Event: 15.05.2021
Exhibition Duration: 16.05.2021 – 27.05.2021
Location: Gallerie Window_404
Instagram: @window_404
Website: window404.de

Compliant to current COVID regulations the long-play video loop, prints an AR content will be exposed in a walk-by friendly format.

Team Hyperpainting presents its next iteration of parametric 3D paintings, staged in the media of chromogenic print and animation, accompanied by some augmented reality mobile content.

Affirming our appreciation of void digital beauty and stating our understanding of statistical aesthetics, image generation systems and mixed rendering techniques „Hyperpainting: Fluke Helix“ is focused around the venue’s driving ideas: capturing the modern worlds transformational errors.

Window_404 is a non-deterministic art space at Offenbacher Hafen, self-curated by students of the Electronic Media department at HfG Offenbach (Prof. Alex Oppermann). The concept gallery amid the most beatyfull district of Offenbach understands its mission in edge-case exploration of modern Art and Design.

Hyperpainting ist eine Richtung in der digitalen Malerei, die an die Traditionen der konkreten Kunst anknüpft und für Rost Likholat und Simon Klein die visualisierte Konsequenz einer zunehmenden Fokussierung unserer Gesellschaft auf den virtuellen raum ist. Grundlage der Hyperpaintings sind am Computer erzeugte dreidimensionale Körper, deren Form anschließend unter Anwendung spezifischer gestalterischer Regeln maßgeblich verändert wird. Die Folge ist ein Wechselspiel aus Chaos und Geometrie, Hyperraum und realem Raum, das unsere bestehenden Raumvorstellungen deutlich in Frage stellt und das Medium der Malerei in eine zeitgenössische digitale Bildsprache überträgt.


Project Launch: Four Frankfurt

We were tasked to generate a long and subtle Hyperpainting video loop, driven by a slight and harmonic movement that would not distract the traffic, yet bearing enough evolvement and variation

2017 annual show at HfG Offenbach

Our wallpaper experiment went straight down the shitter threatening to turn our commit to the yearly show into a shamefull hole, that tore itself into our picture under the forces of shrinkage

Hyperpainting // Normalerei

This long term exhibition format is rooted in long term artistic cooperation with Lisa Peil. This time the Hyperwall was erected at Saasfee Pavillon under curatorial supervison of Annette Abel

CMN live visuals

The HDR SkyCube wrapped around our realtime animation was an equirectangular projection box. Compiled from event site photos it created an illusion of real reflexions inside a semi-transparent Hyperpainting object

2018 annual show at HfG Offenbach

Smoothly animated orbital 4k loop (300sek@60fps) was defined as demonstration format for our Octane renderer learning progress and superior ambient occlusion shadows that were added to our toolchain

Hüzun festival

Team Hyperpainting joined its forces with Lisa Peil once again to erect a Hyperwall honoring the legacy of "Drogerie am Kirchplatz", an epic institution that seized to exist prior to exhibition

Intervention at Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw

A collage presenting an opaque Hypepaing object and selected photos taken by Lisa Peil was installed inside a well-frequented stair hall of the Painting Department building

Hessischer Kreis

Corresponding to the topic of the meeting team Hyperpainting created a large format print named "Nucleus" (Hi-Res Inkjet 2000 x 3000 mm) which was done with tiled muti-pass rendering technique

Festival der Künste Westhofen

Tuning real-time motion responses to the footsteps resonating inside the cellar hall, we linked the audio reactive disruptions and transformations to that sole sound source in a proportional way

Realtime audioreactive visuals for YONO x YVNG3 x PROSP3CT

Hyperpainting collaboration with sri The hdr sky cube box is generated from a spheric panorama taken in the University’s of Art and Design Offenbach am Main backyard.

Hyperpainting beschreibt eine Gattung der elektronischen Malerei: reine, virtuelle Materie (de)platziert im digitalen, unendlichen Raum. Abstrakt anmutende Körper bewegen sich fliegend leicht durch den neu geschaffenen Kosmos; charakteristisch spitz und chaotisch. Die Materialität erinnert an hochwertiges Papier: elegant, leicht, haptisch faszinierend und schneidend.

Rost Likholat, Team Hyperpainting

Die Hyperpaitings, deren Körperlichkeit computergenerierte Masse ist, durchdringen den Raum in ihrer komplexität, leicht und unendlich, schwer zu erfassen. Sie stehen für die Definition einer virtuellen Meta-Marke. Sie unterliegen ihren eigenen gestalterischen Regeln und Entwicklungen. Medien wie Print, Animation und Web spiegeln sich in denen wieder.

Simon Klein, Team Hyperpainting

Hyperpainting is a meta-concept of multidimensional content, renderable to any target visual media: a set of rules and restrictions, a structure that balances the creative influence of human, machine algorithm and dark random.

Hyperpainting is a collaborative process that includes elements of 2D & 3D painting and media specific operations. Video worklflow includes multi-pass rendering and post-production. Various toolchains are used to fullfill those steps.

Team Hyperpainting develops custom audioreactive and animated installations, as well as interactive realtime stuff based upon WebAR, WebGL, Unity, Unreal and other 3D environments.

Please use the contact form below for any cooperation requests, acquisition inquiries or just to say hello.

Promo content package in high and screen resolutions is also available on request.