Hüzun festival

Team Hyperpainting joined its forces with Lisa Peil once again to erect a Hyperwall honoring the legacy of „Drogerie am Kirchplatz“, an epic institution that seized to exist prior to exhibition

Hüzun festival is a theatrical event about sadness and melancholy that took place at Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main.

Hüzun is a Turkish substantive that means sadness, blues, gloom and dreariness. Complementary to a photo documentation project by Lisa Peil, Team Hyperpainting developed a large monochromatic hi-resolution background, which played the mothership role in the „Drugsore“ collage.

In order to breach the maximal pixel output dimensions of the renderer a tiled-cam technique was used to generate the final content components.

Afterwards all images were tiled once again, in order to be xeroprinted on hundreds of A4 office sheets, trimmed borderlessly, carefully sorted and installed into right place.