Project Launch: Four Frankfurt

We were tasked to generate a long and subtle Hyperpainting video loop, driven by a slight and harmonic movement that would not distract the traffic, yet bearing enough evolvement and variation

Four Frankfurt is a skyscraper cluster that currently emerges on the footprint known as Deutsche Bank Areal.

Development office Groß & Partner requested a slight Hyperpainting video loop suitable for prolonged viewings during onsite events, as well as during 3 weeks of night playtime.

At first we laid out a virtual camera shot around several interlocked Hyperpainting objects. After adjusting of the form and the breathing motion according to client wishes and road safety regulations(!) we rendered out a layer that contained all shadow information of the resulting seamless orbital loop.

After finishing this most determining and render intensive part we spent the remaining time experimenting with the color layers subsequently selecting the moust suitable ones.