Project Launch: Four Frankfurt

We were tasked to generate a long and subtle Hyperpainting video loop, driven by a slight and harmonic movement that would not distract the traffic, yet bearing enough evolvement and variation

2017 annual show at HfG Offenbach

Our wallpaper experiment went straight down the shitter threatening to turn our commit to the yearly show into a shamefull hole, that tore itself into our picture under the forces of shrinkage

CMN live visuals

The HDR SkyCube wrapped around our realtime animation was an equirectangular projection box. Compiled from event site photos it created an illusion of real reflexions inside a semi-transparent Hyperpainting object

2018 annual show at HfG Offenbach

Smoothly animated orbital 4k loop (300sek@60fps) was defined as demonstration format for our Octane renderer learning progress and superior ambient occlusion shadows that were added to our toolchain

Festival der Künste Westhofen

Tuning real-time motion responses to the footsteps resonating inside the cellar hall, we linked the audio reactive disruptions and transformations to that sole sound source in a proportional way

Realtime audioreactive visuals for YONO x YVNG3 x PROSP3CT

Hyperpainting collaboration with sri The hdr sky cube box is generated from a spheric panorama taken in the University’s of Art and Design Offenbach am Main backyard.